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Chris Robichaud


Chris' long-time commitment to LRL has contributed to the growth and success of our business. For over 20 years, he has worked with our firm in managing hundreds of projects across all of our engineering disciplines. Experienced in civil engineering, Chris shares his adept knowledge in land development, environmental assessments, and municipal infrastructure with his team. This dynamic combination of expertise provides our clients with a diversity of skills to help meet their needs. His passion for engineering extends beyond his practice, reaching admirable heights in professionalism, client service, and leadership.

Sébastien Soucy P. Eng.

Mechanical Engineer

Sébastien oversees multiple design projects run by intermediate and junior engineers, as well as technicians. With over 13 years of experience in the industry, Sébastien’s expertise allows him to ensure project and product quality for his clients. He has successfully conducted and managed various projects in I&R, IAR building condition assessments, reserve fund studies, and many building system designs, including plumbing, drainage, HVAC, lighting, and electrical distribution systems. With experience in a variety of applications (low-rise residential, high-rise residential, small to large commercial, school boards and federal government buildings), Sébastien can provide wide range of mechanical engineering expertise to his clients.

Martin Tessier P. Eng.

Team Leader

As representative of the department, Martin is experienced in both electrical and mechanical engineering. He has conducted and managed a variety of projects at LRL, including I&R, IAR, building condition assessments, and reserve fund studies. Martin’s expertise has contributed to the success of many building designs, including lighting, power, emergency, and fire alarm systems. His expertise in working with clients in federal government, property management, architecture, school boards, commercial development, and local industries has allowed our company to cater to a variety of client needs. As team leader, Martin oversees designs, proposals, project assignments, budget management, and allocates resources.

Stéphane Leclerc P. Eng.

Principal / Senior Structural Engineer

With considerable experience in structural and civil engineering, Stéphane's history has prepared him well for the significant role he plays at LRL. For over 20 years, he has led numerous projects in structural design, inspections and investigations, building sciences, reporting, and reserve fund studies. He has designed various structures using steel, reinforced concrete, and wood for clients in both the public and private sector, including schools, libraries, fire stations, commercial and industrial buildings, and condominiums. His strong background in real estate assets and procedures has developed his expertise in projects relating to space modification, fit-ups, and structural building condition assessments. In the last decade, Stéphane has provided support to project managers in construction administration, supervision, and review.

Virginia Johnson P. Eng.

Civil Engineer

Virginia has valuable experience in multi-phase private sector land development, municipal infrastructure projects, contract administration, as well as site grading, sanitary and domestic water design. Virginia’s involvement from preliminary civil conception through to application approval and construction has contributed to LRL’s successful completion of commercial, residential and municipal projects. Her enthusiasm and dedication has helped LRL deliver products high in quality, reliability and efficiency. In addition to design related tasks, as the Civil Team Leader, Virginia oversees designs, proposals, budget management, and allocate resources.

Bradley Johnson P. Eng.

Geotechnical Engineer

Over the years, Brad has developed a wide range of skills in the Geotechnical Engineering and Material Testing Field. He has gained hands-on experience in geotechnical site investigations, subsoil explorations, geotechnical considerations for foundation design, slope stability analyses, as well as materials testing, both field and laboratory. As the department lead, Mr. Johnson administers all aspects of project management for the Geotechnical and Materials Testing Department, from the preparation of technical proposals, to the preparation of geotechnical reports. This includes engineering and construction contract procurement, pre-construction meetings/client liaison, training, supervision and co-ordination of field staff, overseeing laboratory operations, and field and laboratory report review.

Environmental Engineering Team

Engineers & Technicians

Our team of experienced Environmental Engineers and Environmental technicians have extensive experience on a wide range of projects ranging from Environmental Site Assessments to detailed Hydrogeological Investigations. Having coordinated and conducted landfill site development and operational plans, class environmental assessment studies, groundwater monitoring and environmental impact studies; LRL has developed a strong background with in-depth knowledge of the surrounding region as well as governmental regulations relating to Environmental project requirements.

Accounts Receivable

  • Jagruti Patel

Administrative Assistant / Accounts Payable

  • Christena Chase